Foundation Repairs and Structural Modifications

Maintain Your Property's Strength

Maintain Your Property's Strength

Arrange for foundation repair or structural modification in Fredericksburg, VA

You might not think about your property's foundation often, but you definitely notice when something in it goes awry. It can affect the way your building looks, feels and functions.

You might notice:

  • Fissures in your foundation
  • Cracks in your building's walls
  • Sticking doors or windows
  • Gaps surrounding doors or windows
  • Gaps between cabinets and walls
  • Sinking parts of your floor or building

Foundation issues cause these problems by damaging your building from below. P&R Property Solutions, LLC in Fredericksburg, VA can resolve these problems with foundation repair.

Restore your foundation

You can count on us to remedy your foundation issues. Our foundation repair professionals will work with helical piers, push piers, carbon fiber and other common materials. We even have an A.B. Chance certification to deal and install helical and push piers. We're fully prepared for your project.

Are you searching for other structural services?

In addition to foundation repair, our engineer-led company provides structural modification services. We can maintain your building's structural integrity. Visit the Contact page to ask us about structural modification today.